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So I asked a question similar to this a while back but I am trying to make a game where the player can send fake emails.

My goal is to have a array where each sent email is added (Each email is a variable) And I am not sure how to do so.

if anyone has a idea thanks in advance

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Including code examples of what you have down or what you are trying to do can make it easier for people to understand your request.


Each (fake) email is a variable.

I am uncertain what you mean by this statement, do you mean that each "fake email" value is assigned to its own variable...

<<set $emailA to "Some value that represents a fake email">>

<<set $emailB to "Some value that represents a second fake email">>

<<set $emailC to "Some value that represents a third fake email">>

... or do you mean something else?

Anyway, the following code demonstrates how to initialise a variable to an empty Array, and how to later add three new values to that Array.

/% Initialise the sent variable to an empty Array. %/
<<set $sent to []>>

/% Add three String values to the sent Array. %/
<<set $sent.push("A")>>
<<set $sent.push("B")>>
<<set $sent.push("C")>>


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Each email is set via a text box and text area,

My hope is to have two variables represent a email. Ex: $Var1 (Textbox) $Var2 (Text area)

I hope that there could be 2 arrays one for the text box and one for the area.


I hope this helps.