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Hello everyone! I'm having an issue with saves to browser in Sugarcube.

Whenever I try to save an error comes up with this message:

Error: uncaught TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property 'message' of object ''.

Saves to file appear to work fine however.

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  • Which browser and its (full) version?
  • Which (full) version of SugarCube?
  • Are you manipulating the saves objects at all?
  • Are you storing any objects within story variables?
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That's part of the problem, I cannot seem to reproduce the error on my PC. It was reported to me.

Sugarcube is 2.20

No, at least I don't think so. The saves are done with the default Sugarcube UI plus an autosave which throws the same error when called.

Yes quite a few of them in fact, but I don't recall ever using a "message" property in any of them.
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Could you find out from the person that reported the error which web-browser (brand and full version) they were using when the error occurred?

Could you supply us with access to either a copy of the generated Story HTML file or the source code of the Story Project so that we can debug it?