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asked Nov 12, 2017 by J534 (160 points)
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Hello everyone, I'm new to Twine and started writing a story with it. I was hoping some of you may be interested in reviewing what I have so far and leaving me some feedback on what I have so far. It would be very much appreciated. There are three major branches - one where you play a member of high royalty, another where you are a member of the peasantry, and another where you play a slave. You choose this at the beginning when asked to follow a proto-thought destined for the mind of royalty, a serf, or a slave. Right now choose royalty as that is the only branch currently developed.

The current story can be found here:

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answered Nov 12, 2017 by Chapel (49,390 points)

This site is only for technical questions, not for workshopping, general discussion, or feedback. I recommend checking out or the subreddit for these sorts of posts in the future. 

This post might get deleted or locked by the moderators or flagged by other users, so just a heads up. 

commented Nov 12, 2017 by J534 (160 points)
Thanks for the links and best regards
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