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My question again:

How to create a link to display more text and other links in the same passage?


There is a big door (link)knock

(within the same passage)

Seems nobody is there. (link)go back

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Found my answer:

You have to say something.  Either\
    <span id='options'>
        <<link 'say something'>>
            <<replace '#options'>>
                say something or say nothing.
            <<append '#options'>>
                <br><br>You have chosen to say something. He is amused.
        <<link 'say nothing'>>
            <<replace '#options'>>
                say something or say nothing.
            <<append '#options'>>
                <br><br>You have chosen to say nothing. He is not amused.


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Next time please use the question Tags to state the name and full version number of the Story Format you are using, as answers can vary based on that information.
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