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the title says it all. like i am innocent or mystic messenger, id like to make a game that i will create a background story to it and the player (you) would choose what to say what to ask and how to act. i want it to have like a "typing..." or "online" or "offline" option to have above the profile pic of any contact on the phone. also its important that there will be notification sounds and the three dots of typing...

well, built like whatsapp. how do i do that? my school went on a strike so i'll be awake all night AND I KNOW I WANT TO DO THIS I JUST KNOW SO HELP ME

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I don't know your level of programming skills so I will need to assume that they are limited.

1. If you mean a web-browser based game with an user-interface that visually looks like a phone screen, that simulates the player talking to other virtual NPC (non-player characters), that uses sounds, and that uses a typing effect when displaying 'messages' from the NPC's.

This can fairly easily be done using Twine combined with some CSS and Javascript.

2. If you mean a stand alone mobile device application / game built using Twine, and that has the same functionality as point 1.

This will require intermediate level knowledge of programming as well as the use of technologies that can convert a web-browser based application (like those produced with Twine) into a mobile device based application. (some of which are listed here)
You would also need to create a developer account with either/both of Apple and Google Play to allow your new mobile application to be available on a Store. For Google Play this is fairly easy and painless but for Apple the process is quite involved requiring both the idea and the implementation of your mobile application to be approved by Apple.

3. If you mean a mobile device application / game that interact with a server, and that the server is processing the player's choices and responding as needed.

This is would be a non trivial undertaking requiring advanced level knowledge of many different different mobile / server programming techniques and technologies. You would also need the same developer account(s) as point 2.

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As touched on a bit in greyelf's answer, what you're asking for is possible, but also a nontrivial amount of work. I recommend you learn about CSS and a bit about JavaScript, as well as Twine, and try to make what you want yourself, and then come here with questions when you have problems.

While we're definitely here to help, the purpose of this forum is to get technical help, not to enlist programmers to do the work for you. You should try to do what you want first and come here with specific, answerable questions when you have problems.
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