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It really bothers my eyes that the passages are linked by black lines.Can there be a way that passages are linked with each other but show no lines?

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Hello there, 

You could use the <<link>> macro 


<<link 'Hello there' Link>> <</link>>

Here it proposes you a link called "Hello there", and gets you to the passage called "Link". No lines.

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The two argument version of the <<link>> macro is expecting both of the arguments to be String values, and String values are meant you be quoted. So the above example should really be any of the following...

/* Using the same quotes for both of the String arguments. */

<<link 'Hello there' 'Link'>> <</link>>

<<link "Hello there" "Link">> <</link>>

/* Or even inconsistently using different quotes for the arguments! */

<<link 'Hello there' "Link">> <</link>>

<<link "Hello there" 'Link'>> <</link>>

warning: You shouldn't rely on the story format to guess that the Link value being passage to the macro is actually a String, because it might guess wrong which could result in an unexpected outcome.

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You might want to try "night" mode.  On the main Twine 2 window, down in the lower-left hand corner, there are little sun and moon icons.  Try clicking the moon to get "night" mode.  I find it much easier to look at for extended periods of time.

Hope that helps!  :-)
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