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I have written a story with inkle and thinking about switching to twine.

My story isnt finished but already has more than 10k words.

I think it would be very hard to rewrite anything in twine, so is there any kind of converter to get my story to twine? Maby not everthing working but only the texts an links between paragraphs... would be really nice


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There is no conversion tool I know of. I doubt such a thing exists. It would be a huge undertaking. You could copy and paste items from one to the other, preserving your text but then you would have to 'wire' it all together again.

It's the wiring that would be hard to convert.

How did you like Ink ?
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I like ink a lot. I think writing itself is much easier with ink than with twine. but i'm not a great programmer and would implement some pictures and something like this and think, that is easier with twine
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