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Few days ago i asked a guy on this page for a code about toggleslide.It worked perfectly except that from the beginning the code shows the content which was supposed to be shown only after clicking the link.Can anybody fix it for me please?

<div id="StoryRightSidebar">
<<link "Your Skills">>
		var $el = $('#your-skills').slideToggle({
			'complete': function () {
				State.variables.YourSkillsStyle = "display: " + $el.css('display') + ";"
<div id="your-skills" @style="$YourSkillsStyle">\
Math skill: $Mathskill
Literature skill: $Literatureskill
French skill: $Frenchskill
Physics skill: $Physicsskill
History skill: $Historyskill
Biology skill: $Biologyskill
Chemistry skill: $Chemistryskill
Geography skill: $Geographyskill
Art skill: $Artskill
Music skill: $Musicskill
Movie skill: $Movieskill
PE skill: $PEskill
Social skill: $Socialskill


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Did you initialize the $YourSkillsStyle story variable within the StoryInit special passage as you were told?

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Yes.It doesn't change anything