What do you guys know about the "Adventures" format?

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asked Dec 7 by silamander (120 points)
More specifically how to create and use the stat system. But any tips on getting into the format would be nice.

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answered Dec 7 by greyelf (43,790 points)

Are you asking about the Adventures Twine 2 compatible story format by Longwelwind?

If so then I personally didn't know it existed.

commented Dec 8 by silamander (120 points)
Yeah. That one exactly. I really love how it looks and feels but I'm not sure how to navigate the syntax at times.
commented Dec 9 by Chapel (33,870 points)

My understanding is its based on Snowman, which is (essentially) just JavaScript, so it uses JavaScript syntax, along with markdown for formatting. It's documentation is here. I haven't used adventures yet, so I don't know how helpful I'll be, but can you give us an example of what you've tried and tell us how it went wrong? 

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