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I've read through the purposes and strengths of the three formats offered in t2, but I'm not certain about the necessity of using the more complicated formats to achieve what I'm aiming for.

My basic needs are as such:

The player chooses between three aspects that the protagonist will embody. These aspects will affect the descriptions and interactions with other characters, as well as the solutions to events. They will have access to items which allow for solutions to events their chosen aspect cannot solve. Those items will need to have recognizable states of degradation or charge as well as acknowledgement of combinations of items. The status of characters and major events needs to be accounted for as the story will routinely come back to a page with a dynamically chosen image which reflects the actions/decisions of the player in aggregate (effectively choosing from a library of images compiled inside of the twine, not rendering a new image). I would also like to do lore pages on individual subjects and characters that are linked to inline throughout passages, that have considerations for what the player knows about a subject based on instory experience.

The story is structured as series of events that the player can choose from to participate in or not, which acknowledgement of time passing as these events play out. It is not going to have a battle system or random encounters but will have events that can be solved by chance.

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I think that Snowman is only really useful for Java* JavaScript experts, so your choice is between Harlowe and Sugarcube.

Personally, I don't think Sugarcube is much harder to learn than Harlowe, and I believe it's the more capable of the two formats, so my recommendation would be Sugarcube.

If you choose Sugarcube I will help you with it.  :-)

* thanks for the correction, greyelf :-)

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I think that Snowman is only really useful for Java experts. (emphasis mine)

The story formats are written using Java-script and not Java, these are two unrelated programming languages with unfortunately similar names. Being an knowledgeable expert in one will not necessarily help you when it comes to using the other, except in the general sense of knowing how to design and develop software.

What's the best (story) format for this project?

I agree with @Charlie that unless you are an intermediate level web-developer (or at least willing to learn to be one) then Snowman isn't the story format for you.

I also agree that it is easier to implement more complex data structures and application logic  using SugarCube, due to its built in functionality and its ability to extend/customise the core engine using either TwineScript or Java-script.