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This has surely been asked before but I couldn't find it: With the Twine forums now defunct, is there any central community to post Twine content, aside from the IFDB? I think my RPG engine is ready to post, but it's more Twine-specific than a general IF and I'd like feedback from other coders.

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Not really. There's an official discord, linked from the twinery.org home page, and an unofficial subreddit; in my estimation, most of the core community is involved in at least one of those two places in addition to here. Most places where interactive fiction is discussed will usually have a few Twine authors, and many have choice-based / hypertext / Twine subforums or sections. 

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Ah, that's unfortunate. The subreddit looks promising; I'll try there.
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It may sound flippant, but right now it seems like the Twine community is pretty much wherever you can find The Mad Exile.
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Who is that?
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Developer and relentless improver of Sugarcube, second-top user on this Q&A site, who turns up with help almost anywhere there's a question about Twine... basically the real documentation and help system for Twine and Sugarcube is this guy.
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I believe you are doing a disservice to many other community members like Chapel, HiEv, Akjosh, and the like who also spend many hours of their free time each week helping others.

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