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This is the code for an input box.

if (typeof window.customScripts == "undefined") {
	window.customScripts = {
		submitName: function(inputName) {
			//Get the value of the textbox at time of click
			var newName = $("input[name='" + inputName + "']")[0].value;
			//Find the hook node based on name and set the text inside
			$("tw-hook[name*='" + inputName + "']").text(newName);
			//Log the Change
			console.log(inputName + " changed.")

And this is what is in my passage.

(set: $rivalName to "")
You and [your unnamed rival]<fname|.

<input type="text" name="fname" value="Johnson">
<button type="submit" onclick="customScripts.submitName('fname')">Yes that's it</button>

(live:100ms)[(set:$rivalName = ?fname)]

The issue is that it gives me the error "?fname can't be stored."

The name changes but the string doesn't. How do I fix this??

http://twinery.org/forum/discussion/comment/6468/#Comment_6468 for reference.

(I hitting y'all with dem hard questions)

closed with the note: Found my answer.

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The solution you linked to was written for Harlowe 1.x, and unfortunately Harlowe 2.x was deliberately changed so that you can no longer use a hook reference (the ?fname part) to access the Text contained within a named hook, so that solution doesn't work for that series.

I suggest you read the selected answer of the A way to have a text box on the page rather than an input box? question.


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This is what worked!

if (typeof window.CustomScripts == "undefined") {
	window.CustomScripts = {
		updateVariable(inputName) {
			// Get the value from the input textbox at time of click.
			var value = $("input[name='" + inputName + "']")[0].value;
			// Update the variable.
			State.variables[inputName] = value;


<center>(set: $attack to (either: "v", "b") + (either: "v", "b") + (either: "v", "b") + (either: "v", "b") + (either: "v", "b") + (either: "v", "b"))(set: $counter to 5)You have |amount>[$counter] seconds left!
(live: 1s)[	(set: $counter to it - 1)(if: $counter is 0)[(go-to: "Attacked!")](replace: ?amount)[$counter]]
<input type="text" name="fname" value="">
<button type="submit" onclick="CustomScripts.updateVariable('fname')">Defend!</button></center>

What is in the passage^

(if: $fname is $attack)[You take no damage!
](else:)[You got hurt!]

Passage 2^

This solves both my problems. While I still can't use ?fname I was able to bypass it. and I just realized you just pointed me to the forum I got this from.....oof....