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Hi! I'm new and very noob.

I'm trying to let the player save only on some passages, so i foud this: 

Config.saves.isAllowed = function () {
	return tags().contains("allowed")

And it's working pretty well. (it's possible to save only on passages that have the tag "allowed")

The problem occurs when the player decides to save in a passage where it is not allowed to save: it doesn't save (pretty fine) but it doesn't display the message "Saving has been disallowed on this passage." that is supposed to display according to this documentation. It just close the save window.

It's a bug? Or i did something wrong?


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This is a bug that has been fixed. You need to update to a more recent version of SugarCube 2 to get the fix. The 2.21.0 version packaged with Twine is not the most recent version.
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