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Hi  So I am creating a story where the player/reader is is given the opportunity to provide a custom name in the course of a conversation with a significant character.  Currently I am opting to use 2 prepopulated text boxes as I need the names to be handled separately, by default the text boxes are way to big and I am trying to use CSS to manage the size of these boxes but I seem to be hitting a minimum size value and was hoping someone can suggest a fix or a better method of capturing the information.

- As it stands, this is my CSS

      width: 200px;

So far I have used percentages with anything less than 50% having no effect and pixels similarly hitting a minimum


- and the passage is as follows

“Hi Alexia, I’m <<textbox "$PCName" $PCName "Interview8" autofocus>> <<textbox "$PCLastName" $PCLastName "Interview8">> and I am doing well thank you.”

Thanks for reading

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If you suspect that you're running into a minimum width setting, why not either simply try adjusting the minimum width or look it up (see: SugarCube CSS, then core.css)?

Regardless.  Yes, there is a minimum width setting (default: 18em).  Try something like the following to change it:

input[type="text"] {
	min-width: 9em; /* default: 18em */

I recommend sticking with em units.

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Many thanks, my HTML is rusty at best and CSS is almost none existent so didnt know how to approach looking that one up, many thanks for the help :)