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Hello there. I'm trying to do something that is probably really easy, but strangely enough, I can't manage to have it working. 

I created a widget to which I send the strength I want to be added to my $strength variable. 


<<nobr>> <<widget "actualizeStats">>

<<set (_forcePlus) to $args[0]>>
<<set (_forceMinus) to $args[1]>>

<<set $strength += _forcePlus>>

<</widget>> <</nobr>>


But when I call it, it doesn't work. It combines both $strength and _forcePlus. It additions their number, but places them side by side...

For instance 


<<actualizeStats "1" "0">>


Will give me : 


strength : 01

(0 + 1), $strength is set at 0 in my StoryInit passage.


Thanks a lot !!

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I'm not really sure why you need to transfer your arguments into temporary variables or what _forceMinus is supposed to be for. Other than that:

<<nobr>> <<widget "actualizeStats">>

<<set $strength += $args[0]>>

<</widget>> <</nobr>>

Now you can go:

<<actualizeStats 10>>
<<actualizeStats -10>>


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Damn it. So what was wrong were the "". Thanks.

That's not the entirety of the widget, which is why it seems completely pointless haha. But I didn't want to overcharge my question with useless informations.

Have a nice evening !
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