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I would like to convert a game made using twine into an app. I know I can use PhoneGap to do so. However, is it as easy to convert it to an app using Ionic as well (keeping commercials aside)?





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I've never actually used Ionic, so this is just my understanding from when I was looking at app-making systems.

Ionic uses PhoneGap to create the app, so all you're really doing is adding steps. Ionic has things like a base UI and AngularJS, but you probably won't actually need to use these with Twine (and it may even interfere with your story format and introduce bloat since a lot of it will be redundant). If you need any of the features from Ionic, you're likely better off just importing JavaScript libraries directly into Twine, and using PhoneGap or Cordova for the building.
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Thanks for your explanation.

Hosting Twine games is just one of the parts of the app that I want to design. I want to do other things as well for which Ionic is best suited. Hence the question whether the games exported from Twine will be easily imported into an app made via Ionic.


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