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I'm planning a CYOA (choose your own adventure) style work, where the player gets text to read, then chooses one of a set of options, more text to read, more options, and so on to the end. Are there examples of this kind of game out there which people like the UI style of? If the game is not going to have complicated behaviour which story format to try using? Thanks for any advice!

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With something as basic as you describe - just texts and links - it really doesn't make any difference which story format you go with. Harlowe might be the slightly better choice since its standard UI looks a lot better than sugarcube's, but that comes down to taste I guess and won't matter anyway if you plan on creating a custom UI.
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Thanks for that - appreciate input from those who know more than I do!
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I'd recommend using SugarCube, because it's good for both simple and complex stuff.  So if you decide you want to make it more complex later, you won't have to relearn a new story format and convert your code.

I don't know how people feel about the look of different UIs, but you can always modify the CSS/stylesheet to make it look however you prefer.

If you want to try it out, here's a good beginner's tutorial.

Have fun!  :-)

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Thanks! A tutorial is going to be a good starting point!