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I looked through the other similar questions on here and only found a bunch of solutions for Harlowe and most of them weren't even doing what I was doing and those who were, weren't doing it exactly like me.

I'm trying to check if <<$variable1 == 1 and $variable2  == true>>

Like, I want to have some responses depend not only on how high a skill you have in a certain area, but also something else.

So it'd be like.

<<if $variable1 == 1 && $variable2 == true>>

Display the outcome.


Display the other outcome.

But I want to do this multiple times.

There's several options and based on what you pick, it determines who you talk to, so you'll have to choose from:

Person 1

Person 2

Person 3

Person 4

etc, and when choosing the option, it'll display things in the next passage based upon Variable2 which represents the person you chose. But I also want to display something different if Variable1 is =1 because that Variable also determines something important in how you'd react or what would happen in that scene.

Let me know if that wasn't clear enough, I can try to explain better.

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Using and/or you should be able to do whatever it is you want:

<<if $var1 == 1 and $var2>>
do something
<<elseif $var1 == 1 and ($var3 <= 2 or $var4 == "something")>>
do something else