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Hey, all! I am beginning to put together a site for a writing portfolio and was wondering if there is a possibility to incorporate Twine throughout the site. I've only looked into Twine for an hour or so, so I'm sorry if it's a 'duh' question...

Is there a way to have the person looking at my site to be greeted by Twine, make a few decisions (ie: would you like to see the writing archives or trophy room?) and move along from there?

Thank you so much for any info. :)

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Yes, this is absolutely possible with Twine.  The thing is, what you're describing is just links: this is also possible with WordPress, or Wix, or Squarespace, or Weebly – if you're just making a website with pages that people can click between, those might be better platforms to you.
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Ah!  Well, that puts a different spin on things.  If you're going to use Twine anyway, then yeah, you can make your whole portfolio in Twine.  What you're describing is easy to do in Twine.  :-)
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Oh wait! Haha, it is? Hrm... this is going to be rough to explain over the forum, but I'll try and do my best.

I will need a site host (I think...? I'm not so great on creating websites since, well... this would pretty much be my first one) in order to put twine into/onto it? Does it work that way?

If I were to put in the site address and click enter:

"Welcome, blah blah." You can enter the castle, gardens, library, etc... Was hoping to go the route of having a medieval castle be the background of all of it.


"You see piles of dusty books and yadda yadda..." AI says something to the affect of "Angela's works are available to read here, however we are not responsible for any ghouls, spirits, or spiteful pixie servants who may give you trouble once the clock strikes midnight."

The gardens could have plaques with achievements... a scrying room can shed light on past companies... etc... Something that lets the viewer adventure like that.

How do I make THAT possible? :O
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Charlie, I found this. I haven't played with it yet, but does this sound like it'd work for something I'd want (above)?

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That sounds like a difficult way to do it.  Here's a simpler way to publish your Twine game anywhere:

1.  Set up a (free) Google Drive account.

2.  In Google Drive, make a new folder called "My Twine game" (or whatever).  Change the folder's sharing settings to "Anyone can find and view".

3.  In Twine, Publish your story.  Your computer creates an HTML file.

4.  Upload that HTML file to the folder you made in your Google Drive.

5.  Set up a (free) WWW Drive account.  When I did this and logged in, it automatically generated a link to my HTML file.

6.  Copy the link in WWW Drive, then paste that link into your Squarespace or Wix or whatever. When the user clicks the link, they'll be transported straight to your Twine story.

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Woot! Sounds great. You're a lifesaver!
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I used twine for an art portfolio :)




I was mostly like, eh why not, but there's not too much a difference between using it and a website, I just hosted the twine on my website as index.html which is why it loads when you go to /Pa