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Ok, so I'm trying to get the progress bar that is shown here:


But all I get is this ugly blue bar without any animation.

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> all I get is this ugly blue bar without any animation.

The HTML progress and meter elements don't have built-in animation, nor does that recipe include the CSS and JavaScript required to implement it. That is why you aren't seeing any animation.

The Getting Health and Stats to Change Dynamically question includes an answer about creating a progress bar that does have animation when it changes, although that code does require you to be using a later version of SugarCube 2.x than the one that comes pre-installed with the Twine v2.2.1 application.

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Ohhh, do I have to pay for it?
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I mean, how do I get the latest sugarcube version?
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It's all free, though the maker of SugarCube does accept donations and has a Patreon page.

You can download the latest version of SugarCube from here, and there are installation instructions here.

Enjoy!  :-)