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I was creating a path that has success/fail branches but the fail branch is only meant to, essentially, tell you how much damage you've taken and then return to the main path but it wont link back to the main path... am I just missing something since im unfamilliar with twine or is that not possible?

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I'm not sure what you mean by "it wont link back to the main path".  If you put "[[Link text|Passage name]]" then it will show a link with the link text in it which, when clicked, takes you to the passage with the name you put where it says "Passage name".

If you can't get that to work, then you'll need to tell us what story format you're using (Harlowe 2, SugarCube 2, etc...) in the question tags here, show us the code that's causing the problem, and say what error message you're getting or what problem you're experiencing.

Also, I highly recommend importing other Twine games into Twine so you can see what their code looks like.  That may help you understand the problems with your code.  (Note: You'll need Twine 1 to import Twine 1 games, and Twine 2 to import Twine 2 games.)

Hope that helps!
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I was having the same problem. When I made sure I had no spaces between words on the right side of the pipe, and that they matched exactly, (no differences in capitalization), they started automatically connecting to the right page.