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More for bugtesting, is there a way to unlock the manual save and load into a twine game by typing in a password?


save state is set to autosave, but would like an option to load save states to bugtest variables  and save time.


The idea is to have it hidden by a variable in the sidebar and unlock it by typing in a password at a already made password menu.(using twine's built in save/load menu.)

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You don't state this but based on your question I am assuming that you have somehow hidden the standard Saves button.

It is unclear what you mean when you say "the manual save and load", are you talking about:

1. Revealing the standard Saves button again.

2. Showing custom links in the side-bar which make reference to the save & load functions of the Save API.

The conditional part is fairly easy, simple store the 'password' in a story variable and then use an <<if>> macro based on the current value of the variable to determine what should be shown.

<<if $password is "some value">>/* include code to 'show' manual save & load. */<</if>>

... where exactly you place the above code depends on the answer to my previous quesion.

warning: Because you are making a HTML based web-applicaton the end-user has full access to the source code of your story HTML file, this means it is fairly easy for them to determine what the required 'password' is.

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Yes, the save and loading is hidden and autosaves.


Not worried of the password becoming known, as I can remove it later .



Also is the code to enact this really that simple?


The idea is to have the save/load menu hidden via a password. The game autosaves and the user can load saves if they made X progress. This idea is to share save states with bug testers; limiting the access to people who know the password.



....if that makes sense.
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Based on information you supplied on the Twine Discord server I now know you are using CSS within your Story Stylesheet area to hide the standard menu buttons, I also now know you want the standard Saves button to conditionally re-appear.

1. Replace your existing **menu-core** based CSS with the following.

#menu-item-saves, #menu-item-restart {
	display: none;

2. Use a <<if>> macro like the following after your "please enter a password" code to cause the Saves button to be shown when the password is correct.

<<if $password is "some value">>
	<<run $("#menu-item-saves").show()>>

note: You obviously need to replace the "some value" in the above with your own String value.