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I'm sure I'm doing something wrong.  I'm trying to open an old Twine1 file in Twine2.1.1 on OSX using the "import from file" option, but after I select the file to import, it doesn't appear in the stories list.

Is there any way to open a Twine1 file in Twine2?


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Twine 1 and 2 are separate applications that build stories with separate data structures and (for the most part) separate story formats. Unless the game is built with SugarCube, creating a Twine 2 version will probably not work. If it is using SugarCube, you can use the tool at the very bottom of the SugarCube website (under Utilities) to convert the Twine 1 published file to a Twine 2 file that can be imported: http://www.motoslave.net/sugarcube/2/
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Thanks for the info!

UPDATE: I managed to find Twine1 on an older computer.  It turns out this WAS written in Sugarcube format, so I'm not sure why it's not importing.  Do you think a .twee file might import?

Thanks for all of your help.
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It doesn't matter what story format it was, Twine 2 can't import Twine 1 HTML files.  Just use the converter on the Twine 1 HTML file, and that will turn it into a Twine 2 HTML file which can be imported into Twine 2.
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^ This. Sorry if that wasn't clear. 

If it was indeed made in SugarCube, then that only means that it is worth importing the file, since you'll be able to actually work with it. You still need to run it through the converter to make Twine 2 able to import it. 

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The store-area element of a Twine 1.x created story HTML file has a different structure to that of a Twine 2.x created story HTML file, and unfortunatelly the Twine 2.x application currently doesn't know how to process the data structure of a Twine 1.x created story HTML file.

Nor does the Twine 2.x application support any of the story formats (Sugarcane, Responsive, & Jonah) that come pre-installed with the Twine 1.x application, so even if the Twine 2.x application did understand the older data structure you would only be able to import story HTML files that were built using SugarCube (1 or 2).

There are a couple of options available to convert a SugarCube (1 or 2) based story HTML file that was created using Twine 1.x:

1. The Twine 1 compiled HTML to Twine 2 archive converter utility listed in the Utilities section of the main page of the SugarCube 2.x website.

2. The TweeGo TWEE compiler.

You could use the -d (--decompile) option to convert the Twine 1.x story HTML file into a TWEE file, and then either use the -a (--archive-twine2) option to create a Twine 2.x archive file or use the compiler to create a Twine 2.x story HTML file.

You can then use the Twine 2.x application's Import From File option to import either of the above two files.