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Version: Twine 2.2.1  Story Version: Sugarcube 2.21

To begin my story, I have user input in the form of radio button selections. If the player only selects one, it changes the appropriate variables, and the story begins, however, there is no error catching preventing the player from selecting all radio buttons (as if they were check boxes) if the player does this, all variables get changes (as expected) and the story begins. 

Any way to prevent multiple radio buttons from being selected? 

My name is:<br> <<textbox "$name" $name>><br>
<<radiobutton "$Strength" 2>> Factory Worker
<<radiobutton "$Charisma" 2>> Teacher
<<radiobutton "$Reflexes" 2>>  Martial Arts
<<radiobutton "$Perception" 2>>  Detective

I love animals, especially dogs. If I had one, I would name them:<br>
<<textbox "$dogfriend" $dogfriend>>
<<button "Confirm">>
<<set $name to $name.trim()>>
<<if $name is "">>
	<<replace "#name-error">>Please enter a name!<</replace>>
	<<goto "Home">>
<</button>> &nbsp;&nbsp;
<span id="name-error"></span>


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The radio buttons need to refer to the same variable to be exclusive. So the easiest thing in your case to do would be to have each radio button set a variable, like $bonus, to the name of the variable (without the $ sigil), and do the math on the next passage. For example: 

My name is:<br> <<textbox "$name" $name>><br>
<<radiobutton "$bonus" "Strength">> Factory Worker
<<radiobutton "$bonus" "Charisma">> Teacher
<<radiobutton "$bonus" "Reflexes">>  Martial Arts
<<radiobutton "$bonus" "Perception">>  Detective


—> in the next passage: 
<<set State.variables[$bonus] to 2>>
<<unset $bonus>>

This code should do roughly the same thing as your code, but the player can only select one radio button now. 

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Fantastic! works perfectly. Thank you!
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