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Does anybody know a way to automatically modify a plain text file like this:


Into the format where I could just paste it into a Twine array:



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Any text or code editor that supports finding expressions should work for this. I'll use Notepad++ as an example.

Go to Search > Replace... and at the bottom of the window you'll see a "Search Mode" section. Select "Regular expression" which will allow you to use special characters to detect certain elements, like ^ being the start of a line and $ being the end.

If you're only doing a part of the file, you can either select the lines tick the "In selection" button or just cut and paste them into a new file to work with (I find using the "In selection" kinda finnicky personally).

In the "Find what:" box, type ^ which will grab the start of each line. In the "Replace with:" box, type " so that each line will start with a quotation mark. Click "Replace All".

Then find and replace the character $ with ", (quotation mark and a comma) which will add a quotation mark and a comma to the end of every line. Click "Replace All".

Then just go to the last line and delete the final comma and add your declaration and brackets. Here's a video demonstration. Learning regular expressions is an extremely useful tool for anyone who works with code.

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Perfect, this is the easiest way for me to do this.  Thanks for the help.  :-)
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For things like that I tend to just build a macro in Notepad++.

In your example, I'd:

  1. have my cursor at the start of the first line
  2. pick: "Macro" -> "Start Recording" from the menu
  3. hit: "
  4. hit: the END key
  5. hit: ",
  6. hit: the → key
  7. pick: "Macro" -> "Stop Recording" from the menu
  8. hit: CTRL+SHIFT+P repeatedly (to play the macro you just built) until after you hit it on the last line
  9. remove the extra comma

Notepad++ is a handy little tool for just about any developer's toolkit.

Enjoy!  :-)

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Thanks HiEv, that's very useful!