Text in timed macro not appearing

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asked Jul 13, 2017 by yooncubed (160 points)
Hello everyone!

I'm trying to have a timed sequence of text that links to another passage and appears when you click a phrase. This is how I currently have it set up:

Maybe it's just because of what this garden <<linkappend "is supposed to be.">>

<<timed 5s>>Plants reaching to the sky.

<<next>>Fragrant air so pure that taking a breath feels like ascension.

<<next>>Petals soft as silk, cool currents imitating a soft breeze.

<<next>>People using the earth in a way that didn't condemn everyone and everything in the years following to a life that's just a drawn-out death of the most miserable fashion.

<<next>>What a [[dream]].


However, when testing, all the text within the timed macro will not appear when the phrase is clicked.

I apologize in advance if this is something rather simple - I'm very new to this. Any help is appreciated!

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answered Jul 13, 2017 by TheMadExile (44,630 points)
selected Jul 13, 2017 by yooncubed
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In the future, please use the code snippet widget—it's the first item on the editor bar—when posting code or markup.

I don't see anything wrong with your markup, so I just tested and it works exactly as it should for me.  Are you waiting 5 seconds for the first line to appear after clicking the "is supposed to be." link?

Suggestion: Making the player wait 5 seconds before anything happens after they take action is a little long.  Some are likely to wonder if something is broken and the very impatient will likely already be headed for the escape hatch.  Shaving a few seconds off of that is probably a good idea.

commented Jul 13, 2017 by yooncubed (160 points)
Ah, I apologize. I'll use the code snipped widget in the future.

Yes, it seems like I wasn't waiting long enough - silly mistake on my part. ^^; Thank you for the help!
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