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I just got a new computer and uploaded Twine 2.2.1.  When I try to import stories I wrote with Twine 2.2.1 on my old computer using Twine's "import from file" button, the stories appear in my library. But if I close the Twine program, they disappear when I reopen. In addition, none of the changes that I make to the stories are saved.  If I create new stories in Twine, the same thing happens: they vanish from my library when I close the Twine program and they don't appear to be saved anywhere. Does anyone have any idea what's going on? Thanks!

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1. What is the brand and version number of your operating system?

2. Are you using the install-able release of Twine 2 or one of the web-browser based releases?

3. If you are using the install-able release, what is the full path to folder accessible via the Twine > Show Library menu items?
NOTE: If the full path includes personal information like your username then replace that information with characters like XXX or YYY in your posted answer, but be careful to retain any forward slashes or backslashes in the posted full path.

4. If you are using one of the web-browser based releases, want is the brand and full version number of your web-browser? Have you tried more than one brand of web-browser?

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Hi Greyelf, thanks for replying!

I used the installable release of Twine 2 and I'm using Windows 10.  I'm not sure what the full path was anymore because I thought that I might solve the problem by reinstalling Twine, but now it won't let me install twine at all and just tells me that there's an "error in opening the file for writing:C:\Program Files(x86)\Twine 2\Twine.exe". I'm not sure what's happening, since I did the exact same thing only last week and it appeared to install perfectly, but I guess I made the problem worse. :/ Thanks for your patience!
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This probably won't be the answer you need, but just in case. You could check in the properties of the folder C:\Users\123\Documents\Twine if it's checkboxed as "Read-only". Windows 10 tends to make stuff in C:\ read-only. There's a small chance this is what's preventing your stories from being saved.
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Thanks for the suggestion! I tried changing the Twine folders from 'read only' but it didn't change anything. Twine still refuses to save anything.
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Thank you, this worked for me.

Weirdly my C:\Users\[name]\Documents folder didn't exist (but I did have a standard 'Documents' folder).  Manually creating the Documents alllowed me to save, so then looking into it the problem seemed to be One Drive (https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-files-winpc/documents-folder-missing-under-this-pc-windows-10/3ec6337b-8190-41f5-8bec-b948b0fa72e4)

Once I stopped One Drive from syncing to the document folder it appeared in the Users\[name] folder and Twine would remember the stories.

I tried re-enabling One Drive for that folder and it went again.

I don't know if this is a Microsoft issue, but I suppose we wouldn't have this problem if we could define where files are saved.

I'm on Windows 10 using the installed version for what its worth.