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In SugarCube v2, is there any way to change the title and/or background color of the "Saves" popup menu?

I haven't been able to find any mention of this type of control in the SugarCube documentation, although it does discuss other features of the Saves popup.

The title of the "Saves" popup menu seems always to be drawn with the text color of the current passage against a black background. This makes it hard to read that title if, for example, the passage's "color" has been set to a dark color (e.g. by using the "body" CSS in the Story Stylesheet).

(Granted, in this particular case, seeing the word "Saves" at the top isn't essential, but there are other popup menus where the title and/or text have similar problems.)

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found it:

#ui-dialog-titlebar { color: red; }



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Looking at the Bleached stylesheet, available on SugarCube's website, that acts as both a "white" theme and a theming reference for the entire default UI may be helpful in the future.

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Yeah, just change the CSS on the dialog box.  The easiest way to figure out what to modify is to right-click on the element, choose "Inspect", and then look at the ID and/or class on the items you want to modify.

Like for the "Saves" dialog box title line, if you look at that you'll see you can target the IDs "ui-dialog", "ui-dialog-titlebar", "ui-dialog-title", and "ui-dialog-close".  You can also use the inspector to modify how it looks, and once you have it look the way you want, just copy the changes you made there to your Stylesheet section.

You can also see the built-in stylesheets that SugarCube uses here.

Hope that helps!  :-)