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Hello again!


This time is a lot simpler question.


I am trying to make a variable that if lt 15 but not 0. I want 0 to do another variable.


<<if $Variable lt 15 (but not) 0>>it is less than 15 but not 0<<if>>

<<if $Variable is 0>>It is 0<</if>>

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Did you mean, literally, less than 15 and not 0 or, more likely, greater than 0 and less than 15?  Here are examples of both:

→ Not 0 and and less than 15.  Range of -Infinity to 15, excluding 0.
<<if $Variable isnot 0 and $Variable lt 15>>
	less than 15, excluding 0
<<elseif $Variable is 0>>
	exactly 0

→ Greater than 0 and less than 15.  Range of 1 to 14.
<<if $Variable gt 0 and $Variable lt 15>>
	less than 15 and greater than 0
<<elseif $Variable is 0>>
	exactly 0


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Worked like a charm!


Thanks for helping me so much!
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