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For my story, I want different dialogue options that lead to individual rooms based on certain variables. I suppose it's kind of like:

(if: $variable is "")[text]

but I want a clickable option. I've been trying to figure out a way to do it, but I know literally nothing about coding and I don't know how to make it work.

Any advice would be great, thanks!

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If I understand correctly you're asking how to have conditional links, if so then you just need to include that link within the associated hook of your (if:) macro.

(if: $variable is "some value")[ [[Link Text->Target Passage]]]

warning: due to am exisiting limitation of the Twine 2.x Passage Editor you need to place at least a single space character between the opening square bracket "[" of the (if:) macro's associated hook and the double opening square brackets "[[" of the markup based link.