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What I want to do is have a variable increase based on which option is picked in a certain room. I know that variables can be set with:

(set: $variable to " ")

But that doesn't quite work for what I'm trying to do. For example, if you choose to: [[Help Grandma cross the road]], then your "goodkarma" would increase by 1 without me having to set the number it increases to myself.

Any advice would be great, thank you!

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You would first initialise your story variable within your project's startup tagged special passage like so.

(set: $goodkarma to 0)

You would then use a (link:) macro based 'Setter Link' like the following to increase the story variable's value.

What do you want to do?
(link: "Help Grandma cross the road")[
  (set: $goodkarma to it + 1)
  (go-to: "Help Grandma cross the road")