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I know there are built in forward/back buttons, or technically "undo" and "redo". I plan to get rid of these but I'd like to be able to manually add in a back/undo link on a few certain passages. Is there a way I can do this?

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1. You can use the (link-undo:) macro to simulate the side-bar's Undo link

(link-undo: "Undo")

...however there isn't a macro equivalent for the side-bar's Redo link.

2. Depending on how you disabled / hid the side-bar's Undo & Redo links it may be possible to use JavaScript to send a click event to them.

(link: "Undo")[<script>$('tw-sidebar tw-icon.undo:not([style*="hidden"])').click()</script>]

(link: "Redo")[<script>$('tw-sidebar tw-icon.redo:not([style*="hidden"])').click()</script>]

...however there is no easy way to know when an Undo event has occured, which makes it difficult to know when to show your custom Redo link.