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Has anyone had experience embedding a Twine game into an email?

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Please use the Question Tags next time to include information about which version of the Twine application you are using, as well as the name and full version number of the story format. Answers can vary based on this information.

When you say "embedding ... into an email" do you mean:

1. Attach the Story HTML file you "published" to an email.

If so that I suggest first placing that HTML file (as well as any external media files it needs) within an archive file (like ZIP or RAR) and then attaching that achive file to your email instead.

2. Embedding the contents of the Story HTML file directly into the body of the email.

A Twine game (Story HTML file) is a HTML5 / Javascript based web-application, and the security systems of email client / previewing applications generally won't allow the running of JavaScript from within a email body. This secruity restriction exists to stop SPAMers from hijacking your email client.