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How would I make my game autosave?


In addition, if the character dies, how would I let the player reload from a checkpoint?


And if the player wants to delete all progress, how would I do that?


And where is the Sugarcube Documentation so I can have a handy guide of all the buttons and features

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where is the Sugarcube Documentation

The description section of the SugarCube 2.x option you selected in the Story Format dialog contains a link to the SugarCube 2.x website, a link to the documentation can be found within that page's Documentation section.
(the Story Format dialog is accessed via the Change Story Format menu item)

How would I make my game autosave?

The Save Settings section of the Config API documentation contains infromation about the different ways you can configure the story fromat's Autosave and Autoload features. If you want your game to have "checkpoints" then I suggest you use the variation of Autosave that monitors for a known Passage Tag.

note: the Autosave is stored as part of the standard Save system, it will appear within the standard Saves dialog accessed via the button on the left sidebar. The player can delete the stored Autosave the same way they delete their own saves within the Saves dialog.