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I get this error when I open my Twine story on my phone:


'Sorry to interrupt, but this page's code has got itself in a mess.

TypeError: Cannot read property 'title' of null at <anonymous>:1.43847

(This is probably due to a bug in the Twine game engine.)


Any idea what could be the cause?

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Which web-browser (name and full version number) and Operating System (name and full version number) are you using to view your story on the phone.

Where you viewing a story HTML file you had generated by using the Twine 2.x application's Publish to File option or were you using the Test or Play options of the hosted copy of the Twine 2.x application.

I notice from your Passage Tags that you are using the 1.x series of Harlowe, that series is quite old and is no longer being developed, it is only included with the Twine 2.x application so that people can successfully import old Harlowe stories.

I strongly suggest you change you project over to using the 2.x series of Harlowe instead.