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Hello! So, I've used Twine to make a test of sorts where you read a short passage & answer questions about the passage afterwards. Their results are displayed in a passage called "All Results". Currently, the only way people can get their results to me is by copy/pasting the "All Results" passage contents into an email & emailing it to me, &/or by screenshoting "All Results". But it'd be a little easier if the "All Results" passage text could just be exported as a .rtf file (or similar!) & sent to me. I know you can get your entire project as an .rtf file by hitting "Show Proofing Copy", so I'm sure this is possible; I'm just not sure how.

So, how could I go about this?

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I haven't used it myself, but you could use the "HTML To RTF" JavaScript library for that.  If that looks too complicated, there's a less advanced but much simpler to implement version of code to convert HTML to RTF here.

To save that you could use "FileSaver.js" to turn that RTF data into a file.

Hope that helps!  :-)