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HTML in game:

blahblah, <span class="bluelink"><<linkappend "something">></span>

blah blah



.bluelink a {
  color: blue;

.bluelink a:hover {
  color: indigo;

"</span>" becomes part of the text after the player clicks on the linkappend. But removing it causes an error. Why is this so? Is it not possible to colour linkappends a different colour than normal links?

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You can't interlace start and end tags.

BAD: <tag1> <tag2> </tag1> </tag2>

GOOD: <tag1> <tag2> </tag2> </tag1>


Try the following:

blahblah, <span class="bluelink"><<linkappend "something">>

blah blah



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I see, thanks!
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