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Using Harlowe 2.1.

I'm trying to create a perks system, so the player will get into situations and their decision can provide a new perk. Not sure if it's a good approach, but this is how I'm doing (and failing):

• First, I want to declare all possible perks, so I put it inside an array of datamaps (in startup):

(set: $g_perks to (a:
    "name","Perk 1",
    "desc","The amazing first perk."
    "name","Perk 2",
    "desc","Fantastic perk #2."

• Second, I need to give the player a perk, storing it inside his var "$p_perks". Simple as:

(set: $p_perks to it + (a:"Perk 1"))

Now I want to list all perks the player unlocked:

(for: each _pperk, ...$p_perks)[_pperk]


How can I list all possible perks, like in a table? Something like:

Perk 1: The amazing first perk (unlocked)
Perk 2: Fantastic perk #2

Or: is there a better way to do such system?

Thank you!

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