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I'm using Twine 2.3.1, Harlowe 2.1.0.

I have made a universal timer using the following code in a special passage tagged "footer".


(if: $time is "limited")[You have (css: "color: red")[|amount>[$counter]] seconds till detonation.

(live: 1s)[
(set: $counter to it - 1)
(if: $counter is 0)[(stop:)(go-to: "Detonation")]
(replace: ?amount)[$counter]
] ]

The timer works perfectly across all passages, activated when the player reaches a passage with (set: $time to "limited") included in the code. However, my (if: $counter is 0)[(stop:)(go-to: "Detonation")] code doesn't seem to work. It takes the player to the right "Detonation" passage, but the counter remains visible and continues counting into negative numbers. Any ideas?

I have tried (if: $counter is 0)[(stop:)(set: $time to "finished")(go-to: "Detonation")], which doesn't give me an error message, but still causes the same issue.

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You're not stopping the timer from being created in the first place if $counter has already reached 0.  I'd also suggest changing the (if:) check within the timer to trigger on less-than-or-equal to 0, rather than simply equal to 0 as you have now.

Try something like the following:

(if: $time is "limited")[You have (css: "color: red")[|amount>[$counter]] seconds till detonation.

(if: $counter > 0)[(live: 1s)[
(set: $counter to it - 1)
(replace: ?amount)[$counter]
(if: $counter <= 0)[(stop:)(go-to: "Detonation")]
] ] ]


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