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I'm using Harlowe in the newest version of web Twine. I want to be able to prevent certain passages from being added to the published HTML file; not just inaccessible but truly absent from the file. I've heard that this can be done with passage tags, and I've tried Twine.private but it doesn't seem to work. Is there any other way to do this other than making a copy and deleting all unwanted passages before publishing that file? Thank you in advance.

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Twine.private is one of the tags used by the Twine 1 application to indicate that the marked Passage was private to the Story Project, and not to be included in the generated HTML file.  Another of the tags is annotation, which was used by Authors to indicate a Comment Only Passage.

The Twine 2 source code responsible for publishing a story does not seem to include any functionality for excluding Passages from the generated HTML file.

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Thank you! : D
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