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how can i reset a stats to default?

EX: i set $health and $stamina of my hero to 10 then he takes damage and the damge set his life to 5 and stamina to 7.

how can i reset them in cas emy hero take  potion? without re set them to 10
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Please use the Question Tags to state the named and full version number of the Story Format you are using, as answers can vary based on this information. I will assume you are using Harlower v3.0.2 as that is the current default story format.

You could use a story variable to record what the maximum health or stamina is, and then use that variable when reseting the associated health or stamina.
(untested example)

(set: $healthMax to 10)
(set: $health to $healthMax)

(set: $staminaMax to 10)
(set: $stamina to $staminaMax)