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One of the early things I learned about Twine is that if you don't have a passage specified as the starting passage, it won't do anything if you try to publish, won't even give an error message explaining why.

Now I'm having this issue even when there's a passage. It's not an issue with my story, as backups of previous versions of the story (which never had this issue) are also not publishing.

Anyone had this happen to them? I can edit my story all I want, but I can't do anything with it to make it playable.

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The problem you're encountering can also happen if you don't have a story format selected somehow (this can happen sometimes when importing or copying a story).

Try selecting the appropriate story format and then see if that allows you to publish your story.

Hope that helps!  :-)
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There appears to be an issue with the story format itself, it has a little exclamation mark triangle next to it in the format list. I try to delete it so I can re-install it, but it won't delete. Also, I tried renaming the version variable in the format's .js file so that it treats it as aa separate version and allows it to install, but it just ends up loading forever when I try to install it.

Fully willing to believe this is my computer's specific issues though as there's all kinds of permission nonsense that is outside of my control.

Thanks for your help, anyway. I'll figure out a workaround I suppose.