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So I have a link

<<link [[$150,000: Use high-potency growth hormones (+150,000 food/week)|Hydroponics1]]>><<set $hydroponics1 to "sfl-2">><<set $resources.corporateFunds -= 150000>><<set $resources.foodPerWeek += 150000>><</link>>

which is inside an <<if>> function, appearing in a paragraph if $hydroponics1 = "sfl-1". 

Is there a way to make the link itself be usable only if the difference between two other variables is >>0 ?

Ideally, the link text would change depending on the difference in such a way:

if $current_funds - $hydroponics1cost >>= 0 then display link

If $current_funds - $hydroponics1cost << 0 then display "insufficient funds"


All of this would be very easy to do for me if there was a way to use and <<if>> inside another <<if>> but I'm not aware of any.

Any help would be greatly appreciated folks.

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NVM. It is totally possible to use an <<if>> within another <<if>>.