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Hi guys!

First of all im new here, first quistion! :-)

I really want to hide my header in some passages.. is there way to do that? i have tryied to look it up a lot of places, but no one seems to have struggles with this before xD

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Please use a Question Tag to state the name and full version number of the Story Format you are using, as answers can vary based on this information. Based on your current question tags I will assume you are using Harlowe v3.0.2 which is the default story format of Twine v2.3.2

You can assign a known Passage Tag (like no-header) to each of the Passages you don't want your header to appear for, and then use an (unless:) macro combined with the tags property of the (passage:) macro to determine when to suppress the content of your header tagged passage.

The following example demostrates what the content of your header tagged passage would need to look like.

(unless: (passage:)'s tags contains "no-header")[
This content will appear at the start of all Passages except those that have been
assigned a no-header Passage Tag.