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The default text is 'Double-click this passage to edit it' - I'd like to change that so that whenever I create a new passage, I don't have to type out all of my macros that set up the scene. Note that the parameters will change almost every passage.

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There is no built-in option for changing the default Passage Template used by the +Passage option.

You could try using one of the Passage Events & Task Objects like suggested by @idling, however that may not solve your issue if the scene initialisation code changes with every Passage.

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I second this and idling's answer. It seems like you need to set up some boiler plate or reuse code. It's much easier / better to do that through widgets, <<include>>, custom functions or macros, special passages, task objects, or events. There are many features that help with code re-use in SugarCube.
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Like I said, the parameters will change in most passages, so it's not an issue of re-using code. No problem though, I just wanted to know if it was possible.
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If you have things you want to be executed in every passage, you can out make use of the special Passages like PassageReady. Read more about those here.

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