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Is it possible to embed Flash Player animations in a story?

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You can use an embed element within a Passage to reference a Flash SWF object however many modern brands of web-browser automatically disable the plugin (assuming that it's installed) used to interface between web-browser and the Flash Player. This means that the end-user will need to manually give permission for the animation to load and then play.

An example of a relevant embed element.

The textual content of a Passage...

<embed width="150" height="142"
	src="...URL to the SWF file..."

You way want to think about another way to implement your animations other than using Flash.

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Also, Adobe is going to be ending support for flash in 2020 which means that Flash will stop receiving maintenance and security updates, and Adobe is recommending that developers transition projects to other platforms in the meantime. So you really shouldn't be using flash as a part of new projects. 

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What could I use instead, do you think?
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Depends on what you're doing. CSS offers some animation support. There are also JavaScript libraries for 2d and 3d animation you can use. The HTML canvas element supports animations. There's also WebGL, which is usually used by the aforementioned libraries. There's a lot of options, really. Flash is probably not one of the better ones though.