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I'm using SugarCube 2, making an RPG and trying to put all the stats of an enemy inside an object, so I can just call the property and display the name, stat or image. The only problem I'm having is that I cant program it in a way that the image displays correctly.This is how I'm writing it:

//This is the part that goes inside StoryInit, images is the folder where "Monster" which is the image I want to display its located 

<<set $Enemy ={ name:"Monster",
health: 50,
mana: 50
image: "images/Monster.jpg"

and here is when I want to call it:

// Here is how I code the passage where I want to display the image of the enemy


<img src= %Enemy.image />

The name displays fine, but the image doesn't display.If anyone has any idea on how to do this correctly please tell me.

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Try using the [img[]] markup.  For example:



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Thanks, now it works perfectly.
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