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Why are there no reference to the Old Forums either here on the new Q/A site or on the main Twine website?

The old forums contain years of answers, and potentially many of the questions being ask here by Twine users are already answered on that site. Not having access to the information on that site can mean that either the Questioner has to wait longer to receive an answer to their problem/issue, or that the Answerer has to regurgitate information that is already available to the person asking the question.

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This seems like a reasonable suggestion so I've modified the sidebar to include these links.
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Can someone make a post here, and pin it? or at least one of the moderators? With the links to the Old forums? Or to TWINE Wiki's?
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If you press the purple button on the bottom right a sidebar appears. At the top of it are the links to the forum and wiki. Here are the links anyway:



Also, if you're using Harlowe, I find this useful: