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Hi All, i am very new to twine and writing a murder mystery in Sugarcube.  At the end, I want the player to type into a box who they think the murderer is.  How do I code it so that if their answer is wrong, it goes to a passage titled ‘wrong’ and if it is correct it goes to ‘correct!;?

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Put something like this into the StoryInit passage:

<<set $answer to "">>
<<set $correct to "Gardener">>

Set up the textbox like this:

Who killed the butler?
It was the <<textbox "$answer" "enter your answer" "passagename" autofocus>>.

This textbox is going to change $answer to be whatever the player types in, then send them to a passage called "passagename" - change the name to be whatever you want. Instead of then sending the player to two different passages you can just use an <<if>> clause in the approbriate passage to see whether they guessed correct:

<<if $answer.toLowerCase() == $correct.toLowerCase()>>

the .toLowerCase() function is going to convert both strings to be lower case to avoid punishing players unfairly for entering the correct answer with the wrong case.

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To handle the situation where the player accidentally types a space character with before or after their answer, you can use the Javascript trim() function combined with the Javascript toLowerCase() function suggested by @idling

Change the TwineScript within the passagename passage to the following.

<<if $answer.trim().toLowerCase() == $correct.toLowerCase()>>

... you would only need to trim() the value within the $correct variable if for some unknown reason you decided to add leading/trail space characters to it with you assigned the initial value to it.

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I'd use a <<button>> macro.  For example:

The murderer is?
<<textbox "_suspect" "" autofocus>> \
<<button "Name Suspect">>
	<<if _suspect.trim().toLowerCase() is $murderer>>
		<<goto "correct">>
		<<goto "wrong">>

The story variable $murderer would need to be set to the correct answer beforehand and should be written in all lowercase—e.g. <<set $murderer to "professor plum">>.  The player's answer is trimmed and lowercased to ensure a match with the value in $murderer.

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This worked perfectly!  Thank you so much!!
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