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I don't know if this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong, but for some reason when I changed my story format from Harlowe 1.2.4 to Harlowe 2.0.1, everything stopped working. I had an image which I converted to JPEG then put into this website: 


I copied the CSS of the image and put it into the stylesheet like this:

html.title {

background-image: (the copied CSS);


In Harlowe 1.2.4, this would for, but with 2.0.1, when I go into my passage with the tag 'title', it just shows a black background.

Is 2.0.1 broken or have I done something wrong?

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Harlowes CSS/HTML structure is a bit different. Just change 'html.title' to 'tw-story[tags~="title"]' and it should work.
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If you are permanently converting this project to Harlowe 2.x then you will also want to remove whatever code you were using to assign the current Passage's tags to the html element, because as implied by @Chapel Harlowe 2.x automatically assigns those tags to the tw-story element for you.

If you are using a method like that described in the old Basic Harlowe Passage Tag Based Styling thread then simply delete the relevant header tagged special passage.

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Thanks so much!